Grandfather Mountain 2003

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Guest Page

From time to time, we will feature photos and descriptions of other Pollocks and Maxwells who wish to introduce themselves to the Chesapeake Region members on this Guest Page.

Ryon Slough, grandson to Clara Ann and A.D. Pollock placed second in the Kilted Quarter Mile Race in the 9-10 year old boys category.

Here is a group photo of the agile Ryon and his Pollock kin.


A.D., Clara Ann Pollock, and their grandson Ryon Slough attended the Grandfather Mountain games to help represent the Pollock family with the North Carolina Commissioner Ben Stone and his Wife Merle and former North Carolina Commissioner Rob Pollock and his wife Rosemary. They reported that the weather was perfect this year, not too hot and not too cool. Maybe that was what helped young Ryon to take his place among the winners in the Kilted Quarter Mile.
Thank you Clara Ann for sending in the lovely photo so we can all enjoy it.

Ben and Merle Stone, NC Commissioner; Rosemary and Rob Pollock, former NC Commissioner, Ryon and Clara Ann (Proud Grandmother!)

Snap Shot!

The Leesburg Potomac Celtic festival found the Pollocks and Maxwells set up next to each other as usual. The photo at left shows a sample of some of the usual things a visitor can find members of both families doing while enlightening them on their family's history.

Rob Pollock, former Commissioner for Virginia is seen on the left talking to a Polk family member, while Andy Easter, Commissioner for the Chesapeake region tries on one of Rob's display helmets for size. A bit too large it seems. Meanwhile, not to be distracted, Steve Maxwell, Vice President of Clan Maxwell USA is being a good host offering his flask to thirsty visitors.

Average activity in the adjacent Pollock and Maxwell tents.

What Do You Do With a Dancing Tent?

Left to right, Andy Easter, Steve Maxwell and Rob Pollock stand and chat while they literally hold down the tent during a windy thunder storm the first day of the games at Potomac Celtic Festival. After two weeks straight of rain, the field was a bog and tent pegs didn't hold anything down at all. Cars were not allowed on the field for fear of having to call tow service trucks to haul them out before the games opened.
Still, the games were very nice, great breezes and not too terribly hot though verrrry muggy. Not a dry brow on the grounds.
You can literally see the huge rain drops falling as the guys hold down the tent during a windy storm at Potomac Festival 2003