The Chesapeake Region of Clan Pollock International

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Andy Easter and visitor discuss clan history at Richmond 2004 games in October. CELTIC AND SCOTTISH GAMES TO BE ATTENDED IN 2005
This site lists the Celtic Festivals and Scottish Games in the Maryland and Virginia region wherein CLAN POLLOCK INTERNATIONAL will be represented. Often we will be found together under one tent with our sister clan, the CLAN MAXWELL.

Also to be found in this unofficial web site, will be links to some of the festival web pages for additional information on upcoming events as well as links to contacts for Clan Pollock International, the Clan Maxwell and their respective web sites.

More Information on Clan Pollock International

Want more information specific to Clan Pollock International? Clicking the link above will take you to Clan Pollock International's official site. There you will find contact information for all the officers and state commissioners.

Interested in Pollock or Polk history or genealogy? The Clan Pollock official site provides information regarding the genealogy of the Pollocks and Polks who settled in the U.S. There is an excellent Pollock history section as well.

Just interested in which games Clan Pollock will have a tent and display set up?
Check out the "What's New" page for additional event information.

Andy Easter discusses Pollock history with a cousin visiting the tent at the Richmond Highland games 2004.
Sharing Information
Most visitors who stop by our tent are either Pollocks, Maxwells or their associated families, or are related to them in some way. We try to provide a broad base of information in our display to help people who want to search further into their family history or roots. Visitors can also find information about what the history of the Pollocks is, where they came from, where they emmigrated to, and what they were like in Scotland and Ireland (Scots Irish). Even if your family isn't related, there is usually plenty of interest to see in the display that will entertain, if not inform.

The Clan Maxwell of the USA
This link will take you to the official web site of the Clan Maxwell. The Pollocks and Maxwells have been very closely related through blood and alliance since the Middle Ages. This is why the Pollock tartan is a variation of the Maxwell and any Pollock member may correctly wear the latter.